THE W.O.D (Workout of the day)

Workout Info:

Format: We will start each workout with a group warm-up that is posted on the white-board. This will last anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the WOD for the day. After the warm-up we will go over the skill/strength and perform as a class. Then the coach will review the movements that are involved in the “workout of the day” (WOD) followed by the WOD itself.

Before a Workout: You should try to come to the workout hydrated and ready to go. Make sure you are drinking water before and during the workout. You should also have energy for the workout; so make sure you have eaten no later than 90min prior to the start of the WOD. Keep it to something that is easily digestible and that will give you some “GO” for the workout.

The Workout: Wear comfortable clothing that will allow for easy movement and bring a water bottle so you can grab a drink in your workout. These workouts will test your limits, and at times challenge your abilities. Keep focused and listen to the trainers’ “Cues” for your safety and correct form.

After the Workout: You may feel tired for a short period after the workout but it should go away. Muscles and joints may feel stiff and a bit sore and is just your body’s way of adjusting to the stresses placed on it. As long as it is discomfort and not pain you are okay. If at any time you feel “unwell” after the workout, take time to relax and assess your physical state. In most cases things will pass quickly but if you have any concerns contact us immediately.

Armed with this knowledge we expect you to take care of yourself during your workout. Listen to your body, especially during the initial training sessions, and act accordingly. However, do not make the mistake of overreacting. You will soon understand your limits and how to test them.