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3 rounds NOT for time ME
strict ! Pull Ups – Ring Dips – HSPU
Handstand walk m
to FAIL each round, record numbers


In Teams of 3
P1: 5 M Shuttle sprint x 4- run to rig
5 x burpee pull ups – 10 HSPU **HAND TAG
P2: ME Wall Squats – facing
P3: ME Cals
P1 is the timer, once he/she tags P2 on wall
squats, they rotate -P2 would move to Cals
P3 would move to shuttles and
P1 would take on the wall squats

Must record Wall Squat numbers*
Cals taken from bike/rower at the end
* Total number of rounds(shuttle run)
must also be counted

all tallies added together for final score
Highest score is the winner

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